It’s not your fault or mine

BREAKING NEWS – From 6th April 2022 those who are seeking to divorce can apply without there being any element of blame on their spouse.

After years of debate Government ministers finally announced yesterday that from spring 2022 married couples are permitted to divorce without one party pointing the finger at the other. 

This long-awaited reform will be brought into force by the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020. It is hoped that this reform in the law will minimise or at least reduce conflict between the parties during an already difficult time in their lives. 

For the past almost 50 years, couples are able to apply for divorce on the premise that their relationship has broken down irretrievably and this is due to;

(a)    Adultery;
(b)    Unreasonable behaviour
(c)    desertion
(d)    2 years separation with consent
(e)    5 years separation

However, the shape-shift should assist the parties’ by taking a more holistic approach, where it is accepted by both parties that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and that neither party should feel responsible. It will also encourage the parties to consider and focus on the other aspects of their separation such has child arrangements and/or the division of matrimonial assets. 


Tuesday, 8 June, 2021 - 15:14