Call for No Fault Divorce

150 Resolution members met with MPs and Peers on 30 November 2016 to discuss the introduction of “No Fault Divorce”

The problem with current divorce law is that unless couples wait until they have lived apart for two years, they can only apply for a divorce, by apportioning some sort of blame. This often creates conflict, making it more difficult to then agree arrangements for child care and in respect of a financial settlement.

Resolution support the idea that removing blame from divorce will not make it more likely that people will separate. It simply makes it easier for people to manage their separation with as little conflict and stress as possible.  Removing blame will enable people to separate in a more dignified way.

Over three quarters of the family lawyers who took part in a survey agreed that their clients struggle to understand why they have to assign blame in the petition especially if they have both agreed to separate.

Nigel Shepherd, National Chair of Resolution said “It is clear that current divorce law is not fit for today’s modern society”

“Divorce is already difficult enough; we don’t need it to be made harder by the law pushing couples into conflicts and arguments”


Thursday, 22 December, 2016 - 10:30