Charlotte has completed her Apprenticeship!

Charlotte Peate, AST Hampsons junior cashier has completed her Business Administration Diploma.

Charlotte who has been  employed by  AST Hampsons in Rochdale since May last year, did exceptionally well in her GCSE exams gaining 2 A* grade, 5 grade A’s and 2 grade B’s and then went on to college to complete her A-Levels and came out will great results for all three subjects.

Charlotte states that she chose the Apprenticeship route for a number of reasons, she said

“It is great to be able to earn while you learn and work alongside experienced  staff who provide support in a secure and professional environment while you  gain relevant skills. The role has given me the chance to gain a qualification and also have options for further/higher qualifications within this profession.

All in all it is a great way to build your CV and start your career without the worry of the bills mounting up while you are at Uni.”

Sarah, Charlottes Assessor states that ‘’Charlotte is an outstanding learner; she ensures all her written work is to the highest of standards. It has been rewarding to see Charlotte grow in confidence and into her job role. She is a valued member of the team at AST Hampsons and will have the chance to further develop into her chosen career.’’

Anna Murzell,  Management Executive with AST Hampsons Solicitors firmly believes in the benefits of recruiting apprentices to complement the service provided by the company.  Anna explains: “The apprenticeship scheme works well for everyone.  It’s a stepping stone for young people to get on the career ladder and it offers tremendous value for them to gain an insight into the world of work.  It’s important to nurture the apprentices so they can grow in confidence, experience and skills.”

Anna notes that Charlotte is keen and willing to learn and soon became a valued team member who contributes to the smooth running of the day to day office functions.  Anna continues: “Here at AST Hampsons we have had huge success with our apprentices.  It is very rewarding to be part of a young person’s development and to watch them achieve.  I would recommend any business to consider recruiting an apprentice as a valuable resource to enhance any company.”

Wednesday, 16 March, 2016 - 16:00