Our team specialise in dealing with management of affairs under Powers of Attorney and Deputyships

Appointment of Deputies

Appointment of Deputies

A Deputyship Order can give someone the authority to manage an individuals affairs if they do not have sufficient capacity to do so themselves.

This could be due to dementia, severe learning disabilities or perhaps due to a brain injury through accident or illness.

An application for a Deputyship Order can be made to the Court of Protection by a friend, or a relative.  AST Hampsons Wills, Probate and Trust lawyers are able to make this application on your behalf. Our team based in Rochdale and Bury, specialise in dealing with management of affairs under Powers of Attorney and Deputyships and therefore a member of our team can also act as a Professional Deputy.

As with Lasting Powers of Attorney, there are two types of Deputyships which deal with Personal Welfare and Financial Affairs and Property.

When acting as a deputy you have responsibilities which include;

  • Doing  all you can to explain what will happen to the person you are deputy for
  • When making decisions, consider what they would have done in the past
  • Ensure that what you are doing will be in the persons best interest
  • Keep accurate records of any financial situations you manage
  • Keep your own money separate from theirs

If you act in a manner which is considered to be detrimental or neglectful of the person, you could be fined or imprisoned.

We will always provide you with details of our costs and the court fees. The fees are usually recoverable from the assets of the person concerned.

Our team are happy to arrange home and hospital visits if required.

Contact Louise Salisbury or Joanne Ford our experienced, accredited Solicitors for further information and an initial chat. Our Rochdale office number is 01706 653322 and Bury office 0161 763 1000


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