We are regularly instructed by businesses who want to sell, we will act to protect your position and ensure a smooth, clean exit

Selling a Business

Selling a Business

Selling A Business

Share Sale

We are regularly instructed by businesses who want to sell. We will act to protect your position and ensure a smooth, clean exit. 

We frequently encounter situations where “deferred consideration” is agreed. We make sure that the provisions of the deal are structured in a way that restrains the buyer from finding an excuse not to pay it.

Management Buy-Outs, By-Ins and Private Equity

Since the recession Management Buy-Outs, By-Ins and Private Equity deals are occurring more and more frequently. The older generation wish to pass their businesses to the younger generation and are willing to cooperate with management buy-outs processes. This can free up monies and enable Sellers to get cash out of Companies or property.

We will work with you throughout the transaction to make sure that you secure the best commercial outcome. Every case is different and we will mitigate your risk and drive the best financial settlement. 

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals

Buying, selling or merging a company requires careful consideration. Our expert team based in Rochdale and Bury can assist you in deciding the best way of doing this, working in partnership with you and your accountants.

  • We can assist with the direction of the deal in its infancy and see it through to its conclusion.
  • Merging can be a good strategy as it enables businesses and companies to pool their resources and futureproof themselves in an ever changing climate.
  • Co-operation between the parties is vital and shareholders, joint venture or partnership are critical to a well risk managed transaction.

Joint Ventures

You may have an idea whereby you can develop a project, product or idea, but you need the manufacturer to produce the product.

We can assist you with the joint venture vehicle which can help you achieve this and make sure that both parties gain sufficient advantage to warrant working with each other.

Our work can also include the following:

  • We can protect your patent/copyright and your invention
  • We can ensure that if you are the manufacturer that all orders are placed with you and not elsewhere
  • We will endeavour to draft appropriate provisions that address the position if something goes wrong. Often this in itself prevents disagreement because the parties know what the rules are. 


One of the benefits of buying a franchise, is that you are buying into a known product or service. But if you get it wrong it could be a costly financial decision. Before entering a franchise agreement you need to carry out proper and thorough research – and we are here to help you with expert legal advice. 

  • What are you actually buying the rights to?
  • How much will it cost in fees to the franchisor?
  • Are there any restrictions on trade?
  • What are the costs of supplies?
  • Importantly, how do you check projections and cash flow figures?
  • If things are not quite working as you hoped for, what are the conditions if you want to leave early or the franchisor ceases to trade?

Setting Up A New Company - Company Formation

If you are setting out on a new venture or developing an existing one, we can set up your company or partnership for you. 

  • We can address the relationships between younger and older partners who will have different needs to allow for early retirement, buy outs and moving on
  • We can draft specific documentation to meet your needs and set out different roles within the business
  • We can work in partnership with your accountants to ensure a full service offering and tax considerations 

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