Arrangements for Children

Arrangements for Children

The effects of divorce or separation on you and your partner can be really hard and we know that your children feel them too.

The Family Law team at AST Hampsons know how important it is that your children’s views and needs are considered as well as your own and so we will help you to come to an agreement about the care and contact arrangements.

We will help you to resolve your dispute and produce an agreement which is focused on the well-being of your children.

If a dispute between you and your partner arises, our team will try to assist you first with a solution without Court action.  If your differences cannot be resolved this way we can help you with an application to the Court and take you through what arrangements you need to consider in order to promote a positive outcome for your children.

A Child Arrangements order can set out such things as;

  • Who the children live with
  • Who they spend time with
  • A specific school they attend
  • What other arrangements may be necessary for the children until they reach 16.

We will help you come to an agreement and give you guidance throughout the process to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

Communication between you and your partner is a necessity when you are dealing with a divorce but it can become a battle and your children can be the innocent casualties.

To prevent unnecessary stress for them try and remember the following;

  • Don’t use the children as messengers. It is too easy to say things which will end up hurting them.  If you do not feel able to talk to each other, use text or preferably email instead.
  • You can take time to consider what you want to say carefully without making an already potentially difficult situation worse and make arrangements which will be clear and not open to interpretation.
  • Don’t criticise the other parent to the children. You want them to benefit from both parents equally and just because you are no longer able to get on with your partner, it doesn’t mean your children can’t have a happy relationship with them.

Our friendly, expert family team based in both Bury and Rochdale offices are available to talk things through with you, call 0161 763 1000 to speak to Jennifer Worcester in Bury or 01706 653322 to speak to Shakeela Bi in Rochdale, or email [email protected]

Alternatively fill in our "Ask us a question" form and one of our specialist team will come back to you as soon as possible.

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