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Success Stories

Success Stories

Case Study: Personal Injury
Janine’s Story

AST secured a substantial settlement and arranged the purchase of a new home after our client was hit by a drunk driver

Janine was hit by a drunk driver, left severely injured by the side of a road and after years of treatment and many operations, left unable to walk, with brain damage, severe memory loss and living almost completely in the lounge of her two storey house. She was totally dependent on the care and support of loved ones and without much hope that the rest of her life would have any improvement.

Janine consented to taking a second opinion from AST Hampsons, only to appease her family.

We visited her at home and knew at once we could make a difference.

We secured a substantial settlement and arranged  the purchase of a new home fitted out with specially made low units, disabled access and specifically tailored to her future needs. On top of this we secured a lifetime income to ensure that her day to day living expenses are catered to.

We arranged for rehabilitation treatment which now has Janine walking again albeit with the aid of sticks and able to look after herself virtually unaided.

Janine's future may have been shattered by the actions of the driver at the start but we are happy to have ensured her a quality of life far exceeding her expectations before we spoke to her.

This is just one example of how we can help and support our client through a very difficult time.