Commercial advice and support during the Coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 Advice

COVID-19 Advice

Buying or Selling A Commercial Property During Lockdown

As Covid-19 continues to spread, businesses and individuals are facing a range of issues on where they stand in relation to ongoing and proposed sales and purchases.

Our team are receiving lots of enquiries from both existing and new clients about whether they can proceed to purchase a commercial property during the current pandemic.

This applies to both cash and mortgage funded transactions.

The starting point is, as your legal team, we are here to support you and address any queries that you may have about proceeding in the current climate. We will try and create stability in unstable times and provide you with clear and sensible advice based on your circumstances.

We can progress matters and carry out our due diligence remotely to assist you and make sure you’re ready when restriction on movement is lifted.

There is no “one size fits all “ solution. We suggest that you give us a call
on 01706 653 322 or send an email to

Peter Taylor: [email protected]

James Taylor: [email protected]

Jillian Josephson: [email protected] 

We’re here to help and ready to work with you.