Housing & Property advice and support during the Coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 Advice

COVID-19 Advice

Should I go ahead with my planned sale or purchase during the COVID-19 lockdown?

Our conveyancing department are currently working hard to progress all of the property sales and purchases we can. While the current Government advice is not to physically move unless it is absolutely necessary, and then only if the property is unoccupied and as long as certain criteria are met – there is nothing to stop you from instructing us to progress your sale or purchase up to the point of agreeing a date to move as nothing is legally binding until you have exchanged contracts. 


Signing your documents during Coronavirus Pandemic

Some of the documents we have sent you to sign for your property transaction must be signed in front of a witness.

The witness must be;

  • Over the age of 18
  • Independent – that is to say, not a member of your family
  • Must not bear the same name as you

This could be a little difficult during the current situation with social distancing a requirement.

The good news is that the witness does not need to read or understand the document, they only need to sign to say that they watched you sign. If you are at work and a colleague can watch you sign from a distance then complete their own signature, name and address in the relevant part of the document, that may be fairly straightforward but what if you are isolating?

Could you ask a neighbour to witness your signature? Or perhaps a friend who is delivering some shopping?

To do this, you may want to first explain to them over the phone what is required and then arrange for them to come along, bringing their own black pen to watch you sign your document through the window. Once you have signed, you could pass the document through the window or letterbox for them to sign.

We do send you instructions regarding how to sign your documents but if you have any query at all – please call us before signing so you are completely comfortable with what is required.


Please call us on 01706 653322 to speak to the Conveyancing Department if you would like to discuss your options or email any of our team

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